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An idea can come from anywhere, even from your last article. If you are a writer, you must have developed your senses to track and receive ideas in your own unique way.

This article is not about how to get ideas for writing articles on Medium or elsewhere. There are tons of articles just for that and I urge you to read and follow them. This piece is about the next step when you struggle to develop an idea into a decent article.

Developing an idea into a 5 min article can be difficult for a beginner. Many top writers…

Your journey has already begun

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It's an incredible feat if you can write and communicate in a language other than your first language.

I am an Indian and my first language is Marathi. I did not learn English until I was in 8th grade. So being an English writer was a challenging and learning experience.

When I started reading blogs majorly written by and for Americans, it was difficult to understand the words, phrases, idioms, sentence structure, etc. So my understanding of the article was limited to what I’ve learned from my English teacher.

Even today I struggle to grasp American humor.

Yes, it’s not…

What if everyone is incapable of lying

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If everyone was mentally incapable of lying, how would that change the world?

Lying is the first lesson a person learns from society. There is no single corner in a society where one cannot find a lie. Lying is an unavoidable spiral well of pleasing or misleading information one could easily fall to. Lying might the only socially acceptable moral corruption.

The movie ‘Liar Liar’ presents a true picture of our surroundings and social norms. A lawyer’s career built on lies shackles into pieces when his habit of lying dies. His honesty hurts people he builds relationships with based on…

The soothing music helping millions to work and study

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A fever has taken over the world. Millions have contracted and surprisingly no one is hating it.

Yes, I am talking about Lo-Fi music.

If you’re a prolific scroller on Youtube, you must have encountered a lo-fi music video featuring an Anime girl studying. Over a couple of years, the chill-music has become favorite music to work and study.

Many Youtube channels have been gaining loads of followers and listeners for these Lo-fi tunes. A popular channel live-streamed the longest video in the history of Youtube, which was a playlist of lo-fi hip-hop songs.

Working on a boring project, studying…

#2 — Engage in meaningful conversations

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Our extroverted culture has labeled introverts as boring and unsuccessful people. Introverts are categorized as quiet, lonesome, shy, and anti-social persons.

Let me ask you an important question. What is common between Albert Einstein, Emma Watson, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett? They all are introverts. Can anyone doubt their creative capacities or their success?

Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, argues that “the most spectacularly creative people in many fields are often introverted, according to studies by the psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist.”

Thus introversion does not necessarily mean…

Introverts have a meaningful approach towards relationships

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The beauty of a good relationship is the journey and the unforgettable memories it offers.

How my parents are living together for more than 30 years is a mystery and I also want to experience it.

Building new relationships was always difficult for me. When I got my first job, it was horrifying. It was a communication job and I failed at it miserably. It took a while for me to be more expressive and communicate with my colleagues. By then all of them have confirmed my incapacities.

My failure at the job provoked many unbearable questions. How I even…

And you should take them too

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First of all, it is very hard for an introvert to get into a relationship.

Introverts are really bad at socializing, they live a very gleamy life, and they are not really exciting, that's why we call them introverts right? This is the biggest misconception laden on introverts.

Introverts can socialize, make quality friends, and have a very romantic and exciting love life.

There can be hitches at the beginning of every relationship. Every relationship has its own pace. …

Are you becoming a slave of your own desires

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I wake up at 6 am, I go on a morning walk to feel the natural oxygen and to make my body a bit resistant to what people in America are joking about. For a few days, it was hard to wake up this early, I skipped once or twice, but I never felt the guilt of not waking up neither I felt bad for myself.

In the morning, I see bouncing lumps of flesh, Tour de France bikes, and James Bond accessories for whatnot. …

The success story of educator and former IAS officer Roman Saini

Roman Saini Image Source

“I am not a nerd.”

Roman, in his TEDx Talks, specifically emphasizes on these words.

Roman cleared the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Exam at the age of 16. An incredible feat in itself, given that the AIIMS are the prominent government medical institutions in India. At the age of 18, he published a research paper in the journal of anesthesiology and clinical pharmacology.

These achievements are often argued with a typical Indian response, “Must’ve been studying 18 hours a day. Must be a bookworm. He is a nerd!”

Roman Saini never took these responses too seriously and…

A glass full of soda compared to an ocean

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The decade has started with chaos and despair. There are very few modes of escapism that have the power of reducing mental instability. One of them is Music.

I am a music person and I need music to escape from reality and sometimes to practice my vocal training in the shower and annoy my neighbors. But every music has a different role in our lifestyle, like dancing or changing moods.

The music I was surrounded in my college days was primarily Bollywood music. And I didn’t like the way it was developed into a chaotic and lifeless type of music.

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